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Viruses can be found all over the internet via email, websites & links. It sometimes only takes a click. Some viruses only hurt the system where others are used to elicit funds or hold the victims computer hostage.

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Malware exists in many formats.

Malware types explained

Malware can attack the host or network. It can be created to change permissions of the computer to allow for malicious administrative access. Keyloggers can easily track your entire system usage. This includes blank or online investment accounts.
*In all cases, understanding the threat will always help in its resolution.

  • Ransomware - A virus that will lock your system usually using high level encryption or simple password lockout.
  • Virus - This is the most common form of malware. Able to replicate and infect other programs and files.
  • Adware - Infects your computer with unwated ad's. Infects your operating system, browsers and other apps that use the internet.
  • Keylogger - Tracks entire system usage through logging keystrokes. Can obtain data from online banking or investment websites for malicious intent.
  • Worm - Is able to replicate without a host, spread and follow specific instructions.
  • Remote Access - Gain remote access to your computer either through a virus, cracking or hacking for malicious intent.
  • Trojan Horse - Uses the cover of an application. Once installed a specif set of instructions will follow.
  • Rootkit - Designed to changed administrative roles to applications or files. Can set deny actions.
  • Spyware - Collects information and data from the device infected as well as observes realtime activty.
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