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Speed up a slow computer

Should I just get a new computer?

Many things can cause a slow computer or a computer that exhibits errors. Virsuses, Apps, file corruption, inadequate RAM, HDD space & more... In some cases the computer has simply become outdated and a cleaning would only be a temporary solution that would last as little as a week. We charge nothing to inform you whats needed.

Free diagnostics everytime you call. Decide wether it's worth fixing at no cost. Call now, you have nothing to lose!

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Things you can try to help yourself

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Many things can slow an aging computer. Memory is the first piece of important hardware easily ignored. If you do not have enough memory your system will inevitably be slow. Follow the steps below to help in speeding up your computer.

*We are not responsible for data loss or how you interpret or use this information. Review the steps below and use the links provided to further your understanding. The applications linked below can cause certain data loss. It is your responsibility to understand these applications and know what they do before you do it.

  • Disable Startup Tasks - Crucial gives great instruction of how to make the changes. As always research what applications you are removing before doing so. If you remove an application by accident you may follow the same steps and check the box for startup as it originally was.
  • Storage - Microsoft offers a step by step guide on how to check for this. If your storage is full or has less than 10% available space, data should be moved to free up some space. A full drive can slow down your computer especially if it is utilizing a hard drive.
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications - Microsoft offers three ways in which you can uninstall an app or program. I prefer using the last method, "from the Control Panel (for programs)". Do whatever is easier for you as all methods should accomplish the same end.

If you have any questions you can ask a tech if he is online. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to call our service desk at 516-698-8000.



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